2016: The Second Myth We Were Given

11/8/20221 min read

There was one who shone brighter than all the others: the Defier. He defied the order of existence; to start from the deceased, grow into oblivion, and rest in implosion, scattered across the cosmos.

He spoke of life unending to the stars

And they saw stars die in the endless sky without refrain.

And they hated the Defier-who-did-not-die, for he spoke to them false hopes. The shine of his corona never expanded nor waned, but grew ever brighter; he did not scatter.

The Defier-who-did-not-die was the object of hatred to the dying stars, and the dying took the re-forming stars under their orbit, teaching them hate towards the Defier-who-did-not-die.

Eventually this erupted and all the stars of the sky rose against the Defier-who-did-not-die. They took his form and shine, locking it inside of a maze, that none might hear his words or see his light. And they cast a spell on him thus; that he might ever sleep, for they could not destroy him, for he could not die.

Such was the spell that when he woke, he were to give a wish to his awakener, that the stars might bind him again if all else failed. And the Defier-who-did-not-die slept endlessly as the stars innumerable died and reformed from dust to dust to dust again.

(Watchman rises)

'Oer ten score millenia the dust of the cosmos cluttered upon the lock which held the Defier, and there became ground; land upon him. And over long days, something unheard of took place; life formed upon the face of the Defier-who-did-not-die, and the dying stars took notice and shuddered, afraid.

"What if one such youngling unlocked our enemy?"

So they took to their wishcraft and made like themselves forms of small stature, beasts and djinn and all manner of adversary, to kill all which the new life made, and to devour their elders and their youth.